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Our relationship doesn’t end when you cast off and head over the horizon. If there’s anything you need while you’re on the voyage, just call us and we’ll deliver it – whatever it is, wherever you are.

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our values & ethos

our promises

Even If it’s not on our product list, we can get it for you. That could mean sourcing artichokes from Egypt, Spain, Italy, France, the USA, Peru, Argentina, China…whatever it takes, we’ll get it done.

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At Superyacht Supplies, we believe in openness and transparency, quality and consistency. Simple principles that underpin everything we do for you.

Our Approach

A Mutual Respect

The world’s finest food and drink, delivered wherever and whenever you need it – no ifs, buts or maybes, hidden costs or unpleasant surprises. A simple, transparent philosophy, but behind it, you’ll find a unique combination of food knowledge, logistics expertise and global contacts, built up over more than 70 years.

As food lovers ourselves, we have enormous respect for those who conjure culinary magic within the constraints of a galley. We also cherish our relationships with our producers and suppliers, who help us keep our promises to chefs and owners worldwide. It’s this mutual trust that makes us truly different, and keeps us going to the ends of the earth for you.