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Fresh-based bread has been the staple food for people across the world for at least 30,000 years. We’re proud to play our own small part in this longest of traditions.

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An icon of French patisserie, the croissant can trace its ancestry back to the 13th Century and the kipferl, traditional in Austria – hence the modern French term viennoiserie.

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Flour, water, yeast and salt come together in an alchemy that’s so familiar we take it for granted. Our range of ingredients, part-baked breads and other supplies helps you perform this everyday miracle, even when time is short.

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Whoever and wherever you are, bread remains one of life’s true essentials. Yet at sea, pressures of time and resources mean preparing even this staple food is a challenge. At Superyacht Supplies, our products will help you make the most of what precious prep time you have and produce perfect fresh bread and baked goods every day.

We can supply all your basic ingredients, including the finest bread flour, mixes, essences and flavourings and a full range of professional-grade baking equipment. Whether it’s canapés in Cannes, croissants in the Caymans or biscotti in Bermuda, we can call on the world’s finest bakers and patissiers and bring you whatever you need. To find out how, click below.

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