Crew supplies

Crew Supplies

Even the most sumptuous superyacht can’t deliver luxurious living by itself. That comes down to the skills, attitudes and personalities of the crew. At Superyacht Supplies, we can provide everything you need to live comfortably and work effectively at sea, wherever the voyage takes you.

Our Approach


Crewing on a superyacht is a great way to see the world. But it’s also incredibly tough. Delivering five-star hospitality for the world’s most discerning guests, at sea, takes a special kind of person. To attract the right talent, then ensure they can perform at the required level, possibly for weeks on end, you have to look after them properly.

At Superyacht Supplies, we have everything you need to keep your crew well-fed and perfectly turned-out throughout the voyage. Our tailored catering and portioned packages, including a bespoke butchery service, mean you can serve world-class food while sticking strictly to your budget: we can also supply a complete range of co-ordinated crew clothing and footwear. To discuss your requirements, click below.

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