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True luxury is perceived through all the senses. The physical feel and scent of your surroundings are as important as how they look in creating a sense of comfort and well-being. For our range of toiletries and fragrances, we work with leading luxury brands, whose products grace the bathrooms of the world’s most prestigious spas and hotels. Five-star choices for guests who demand the best.

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Research shows that, of all the five senses, scent is most powerfully associated with memory. So, the toiletries you choose for your guests will have a huge influence on how they remember the voyage. That’s why we take such care  selecting our suppliers, all of whom truly understand both the luxury consumer and the realities of hospitality.

Within our range, you’ll find quintessential British brands including Jo Malone, Abahna – voted a ‘Brand of Tomorrow’ by Walpole British Luxury – and Asprey Purple Water, as well as internationally-recognised names such as Molton Brown, L’Occitane and Bvlgari. From bath oil, shampoo and guest soap to scented candles and cologne, you can order everything you need simply by clicking the button below.

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