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Over 40 countries now have viable winemaking industries. Old World titans France and Italy still dominate, but with China now the world’s fifth-largest producer, and nations like Tunisia, Slovenia and Uzbekistan making an impact, there’s much out there to discover and enjoy.

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In 1492, members of Columbus’ crew observed natives smoking rolled tobacco leaves on Cuba. More than five centuries later, the island is still home to the world’s finest cigars, handmade by rollers known as torcedores.

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Morning coffee, afternoon tea, pre-dinner cocktails, aperitifs, wine and liqueurs – at Superyacht Supplies, we have the perfect beverage for every taste, occasion and moment of the day.

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Selecting, storing and serving wine and beverages correctly is among the most fundamental tasks aboard a superyacht. As purser, chief steward or sommelier, you can rely on us to deliver whatever your guests require, from rare wines, exclusive beers and fine cognacs to handmade Havana cigars including Cohiba and Romeo y Julieta – famously enjoyed by Sir Winston Churchill.

Through our worldwide network of importers and domains, you have access to over 50,000 bottles of wines representing the pinnacle of 60 vintages from across the Old and New Worlds. Less potent, but equally prestigious, we also offer a huge selection of speciality teas, coffees and other non-alcoholic drinks. For the full list and to place your order, click below.

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