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Prosciutto di Parma is made from the whole hind legs of molto fatto (‘well-made’) pigs, which are fed on the whey left over from the production of Parmigiano reggiano. By law, Parma ham must be cured for at least a year: the best takes as long as three.

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Cream, gently heated, then poured over chopped chocolate and stirred till smooth. In the hands of a professional, even the simplest ingredients can be transformed into something beautiful, delicious and desirable.

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Parma ham from sunny Italy, wild salmon from Scotland, Kobe beef from Japan: our constant pursuit of the finest, freshest and most prestigious foods takes us to every corner of the globe. Because that’s where our customers go, too.

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Every single item we supply is the finest of its kind available. From the everyday to the exotic, we select our provisions on the basis of taste, authenticity and consistency. So you can order from us confident you’ll receive superlative ingredients, and exemplary service, every time.

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