6.30am (GMT) The journey of a truffle

Guilio knows these hills intimately, but he relies on his lagotto dog to find the treasure hidden beneath the soil. From Tuscany, the rare white truffles they uncover will travel around the world. Temperature and humidity must be carefully controlled to preserve the unique aromas that make these among the costliest foods on Earth. It’s a complex, time-consuming journey. But as our customers, and their guests, will agree, it’s worth every minute and mile.

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If you need truffles, we can of course obtain them for you. But our guiding purpose is to ensure you have absolutely everything you need for your voyage. So as well as the rare and exotic, our product range includes all the provisions, ingredients, cleaning products, toiletries and other miscellaneous items that make life at sea both possible and pleasurable.

Combined with our logistics expertise perfected over more than 70 years, we can offer a truly individual service, built around your specific requirements. To bring you what you need, we’ll go, quite literally, to the ends of the earth. To view our full range of provisions and other essential products for luxury living at sea, and to place your order, click below.

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